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Предупреждение Altera об опасности приобретения электронных компонентов на «сером» рынке

Altera Corporation
101 Innovation Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: 408-544-7000

April 23, 2008
Our Valued Customers
Stephen E. McMinn
Vice President, Worldwide Channel Sales
Altera Corporation
Purchasing of Unauthorized Altera Products

On behalf of Altera, I'd like to thank you for your business and the confidence you have in Altera as your vendor of choice for programmable logic products. We take that responsibility seriously as does our network of franchised distributors around the world.

We feel it is important to inform you of a problem that one of our customers recently experienced so that we can protect against a repeat occurrence. The customer experienced board failures that were isolated to an Altera part that had been purchased by our customer's contract manufacturer from a "grey market" dealer. Our investigation showed that the devices did not meet acceptable electrical or quality standards as defined by Altera. It is probable that these products were inappropriately handled or stored.

Altera only warrants product purchased from franchised distributors that have been proven to meet our expectations for the appropriate handling of our products. When a customer purchases product from a non-franchised distributor, Altera cannot be held responsible for the performance of that product . In some cases, Altera has found that parts such as these have been re-marked or otherwise tampered with to represent a different device or in the worst case they are counterfeit.

To ensure the quality and reputation of your product, we would appreciate you teaming with us and instructing your contract manufacturer of choice to only buy products from those distributors licensed to sell Altera products. We can all then have confidence in the devices being incorporated into your end products.

This was an isolated event but caused a catastrophic disruption of our customer's business through no fault of either Altera or that customer. It is up to us all to work together to ensure that our supply chain remains untainted.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached via email at smcminn@altera.com or by phone at (408) 544-8006. Thank you again for your business and I wish you a prosperous year.

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